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by JonoF

October 30, 2020

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With the dramatic changes happening around the world, there has been a particular shift with people in the US looking at relocating to other part of the country, to improve their lifestyle, or for work opportunities.

In particular, the ability for many people now being able to work remotely due to COVID-19, the opportunities to live in other parts of the country are more prevalent than ever before.

There are many things to consider before you decide to make your move, including the distance of the move, the method you choose, and the costs associated with the move across the country. Moving from California to Texas is not a move just down the road, so certainly you want to be able to plan effectively to make the move the less stress and the least painful as possible.

Texas has become so popular that some of nations largest podcast entrepreneurs such as Joe Rogan and many others have moved to the state.


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Moving to Texas From California – How Much Does It Cost?

The distance when moving from California to Texas is over 1000 miles. According to the average cost is $4157.49. While indicates the average price is between $2200 and $4000. It does depend on the method of moving, and if you decide to hire a more expensive moving company. You could also choose to rent a truck, van or use a moving container, which may save you money.

Why Move To Texas?

Moving from the Golden State to the Lone Star state is a big undertaking. So why are so many people deciding to move there?

It’s certainly know that there are some challenges living in California, and they can be reduced if you move to Texas. One issue it the higher income taxes in California, that are one the highest in the country. The state income tax in Texas is much lower. In fact, Texas has 0% income tax.

Cost Of Living – Is It More Expensive To Live In California Or Texas?

It’s really very common that people are making the move due to the relatively lower cost of living. Home prices can be up to 60% lower than buying a home in California. Food is also considerably cheaper. In California you may pay up to $100 for a restaurant meal, whereas the same meal in Texas might be only $60. In contrast, California has one highest income tax thresholds in the country.

Less Traffic

For some, this may seem like a small reason, but if you’ve lived in California, and in particular big cities such as Los Angeles, you’ll totally understand.

More Jobs – Lower Unemployment

Many people move to Texas due to the ability to find work. Texas might be most well known for the oil industry, but it also has a booming tech and trade industries. It also has one of the fastest internet infrastructures in the world.

Better Climate

Much of Texas has a mild, consistent climate. With average summer temperatures of 80-100° F, it more appealing to everyone. Winter temperatures are also milder.

Nice People

Who doesn’t want to live where people are nice. Texas has a reputations of being warm, open and friendly, and welcomes newcomers to the state as if they were part of the family. This is just another great reason to start living in Texas.

Disadvantages Of Living In Texas

Even though there are many great reasons and benefits of moving from California to Texas, there are also some things you should consider before you make the decision of moving from California.

Driving In Texas

To drive legally in Texas, you need to have a valid Texas drivers licence. While this is a minor inconvenience, it does create another thing to get done and will cost more money. You can however drive with a license for up to 90 days. To get a Texas drivers license, you will need proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of Texas residency, proof of identity, social security number, proof of Texas vehicle registration, proof of insurance, proof of completion of Impact Texas Driver (ITD) and proof of a 6 hour adult driver education course.

Less Public Transport

Texas is not know for it’s public transport. In general if you want to travel anywhere outside of the larger cities, you will need to drive. There are buses, but it’s not as easy and frequent to travel to a destination within the states sytems on buses or trains.

Property Taxes

Even though there is zero state income tax in Texas, moving from California to Texas will mean you pay higher property taxes. Although general housing costs if you are renting, should be lower, and cost of living generally lower.

Summer Can Be Very Hot

While the weather is consistent, it can get very hot in summer. Upwards of 100 is normal between the months of July to October.

Popular Cities & Towns To Move To In Texas

Texas is a big state, and with a population of around 29 million. Houston is the largest city with a population of 2.3 million, San Antonio is next with 1.6 million, followed by Dallas with 1.4 million, and Austin with close to 1 million. Austin in particular is very popular with people moving from California. Austin is considered rather liberal relative to other parts of the state, and this may be a reason some people choose to move here.

Other cities to consider include Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, and Plano.

Hiring A Long Distance Moving Company

How you plan to move from California to Texas, will depend on a number of things, including it you are moving on your own, with a partner of spouse, or a family with children and pets. All of these things need to taken into consideration, which will impact the cost of moving.

First of all you need to start planning early and start to take an inventory of everything you’ll be moving. This will determine if you are likely to use a long distance interstate moving company, hire a truck or van, or hire a container.

You always have the option to hire a premium packing service, especially if you have a large amount items you will be moving. This certainly will mean less stress and less work, but obviously there is cost involved. You will also need to consider finding a pet mover , if you are not going to put the dog, cat or other pet in the car and drive to your new home.

When To Move

The cost of moving will certainly depend on the time of the year you decide to move. The number Californians moving to Texas varies during the time of year. Peak moving season is generally between May and September. This means the cost of moving will generally be higher in these times, that other times of the year. this is mainly due to demand the limited capacity of moving companies.

The best thing to do is get quote form a quality interstate moving company, and see how the cost will vary depending on the time of the year. If you can move in the non peak times of the year, you can certainly save some money.

Moving from California to Texas can provide some exciting opportunity for you and your family. California is a great place to live, but maybe you’ll find that Texas is even better. It doesn’t matter if you are moving for employment opportunities, the different between California and Texas taxes, cost of living, new residents benefits, food, quality of life, real estate, tax rates, of all the other benefits of the lone star state, you want to make sure you are organised and planned before you embark on the journey.


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