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by JonoF

July 1, 2021

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Are you considering moving from Georgia to Florida, the Sunshine State? Georgia is considerably sweet, but Florida is a great place that’s like a country in itself, and there is an immense number of reasons for people to want to move there.

It isn’t just pleasant weather but its affordability and excellent quality of life. If you haven’t made up your mind about moving, you might nudge over after reading the benefits.

Should you end up deciding to move, it may be crucial to hire the right relocation company. After all, it’s a huge undertaking that can cause considerable stress.  Fortunately, most moving services can solve most of your problems and ensure a smooth transition. Not to mention, almost every company can offer you a free quote and let you know what to expect.

With their help, you can focus on other items on your moving checklist and prepare yourself quicker for your life in Florida.

What Are the Benefits of Moving From Georgia to Florida

The diverse population of Florida, its delectable food, lack of personal income tax, and many possible activities make Florida a special place to live and call home. It’s no wonder there are thousands of newcomers to its beaches. Here are some benefits of moving from Georgia to Florida:

Warm and Sunny Weather

One of the main reasons people move to Florida is the weather. The state has more than 200 sunny days a year, offering the local people warm weather. Despite having humid and hot summers, Florida is mainly mild and warm. The residents living in the southern cities might never need more than a sweater during winter.


florida has warm weather


Delectable Food

Florida houses a plethora of dining options. It has cheap and fresh seafood, including the local stone crab, and many craft brews. The Sunshine State also has thriving farms, making it a hub of fresh produce.

Florida has a considerable Cuban influence, making it a great place to enjoy some empanadas, sweet plantains, Cuban coffee, and other delicacies. The restaurants also serve numerous Caribbean-style meals such as coconut shrimp and palomilla steak. It doesn’t matter where in Florida you are, as you can find delicious and fresh fare wherever you look.

Numerous Outdoor Activities

You never run out of things to do in Florida. The continuous sunny days allow its residents to spend considerable time outdoors, partaking in beach water sports and cultural experiences. It also has many famous attractions such as Universal Studios and Disney World. The annual Art Basel is also a great cultural event.

Plenty of Cultural Diversity

There isn’t another state like Florida in the US when it comes to diversity. It’s probably the greatest melting pot in the country. You can find people of every age, background, and religion imaginable.

In addition to the native people of Florida, many residents include snowbirds and transplants from other states that moved for the warmer weather, taxes, and job opportunities. Thanks to its coastal location, it also attracts a considerable Latino population.

No Personal Income Taxes

If you’re looking to save some expenses, you should consider moving to Florida. Compared to other US states, the residents of Florida don’t need to pay personal income tax. The lack of taxes allows them to enjoy more fun activities, vacations, or spend more on belongings. It’s one of the main reasons people are moving to the Sunshine State.

What’s the Cost of Moving from Georgia to Florida?

The average cost of moving from Georgia to Florida is around $3,000, but many variables impact the actual price. For instance, if you hire a professional moving company, the move size and whether you hire packing and unpacking services can influence it.

What Influences the Price of Moving?

Hiring professional moving services for this long-distance moving saves you an incredible amount of time and stress, but it can be expensive. Some people who would instead save money can choose to rent trucks and move their belongings themselves.

It’s certainly more economical, but loading, driving, and unloading the truck is arduous work. Others find a middle ground with moving container companies. It still requires you to load and unload the containers, but they take care of the long-distance haul from Georgia to Florida.

Inbound and Outbound Demand

You can save money by determining whether your moving destination is popular. Some companies can offer you shared moving and give you a discount. Considering that Florida is a famous inbound state, it isn’t a bad idea to ask some of them to see if they can reduce the costs by sharing.

Now, if you intend to make the Peach State your home, you can take advantage of this knowledge. As more people move to Florida, the resources end up stockpiling there.

This means that if you’re moving from Florida to Georgia, the costs are much lower. Many moving services prefer to get their trucks and equipment out of the Sunshine State to get them ready for the next move.

You can ask a moving company for a free moving estimate to the Peach State. Regardless, the average cost is usually around $2,500 for a two-bedroom household.

Peak Moving Season and Offseason

One of the most significant influences on your moving budget is the time you choose to schedule the move. The peak moving season is in summer. It goes from late May to early September, and during this period, the cost of moving spikes.

You can save a significant amount of money on moving by planning your move in the offseason, during winter or fall. Most companies can offer you a free quote if you provide them enough details, so give them a call or use an online moving cost calculator.

How to Move from Georgia to Florida

A long-distance move from Georgia to Florida (similar to moving to Florida from New York) can be significantly challenging, so hiring professional moving services can be a huge help. Most of them can offer you a seamless moving experience, regardless of the move size.

They can take care of packing (for example packing shoes) , transporting, and everything in between, ensuring everything arrives safely at your new place in Florida. All they require is details such as when you wish to move, where to, and the move size.

If you wish to save some money, you can opt for the more cost-efficient moving containers. They offer a more flexible schedule for a traditionally complicated relocation, and they can be considerably cheaper than a full-service Florida moving service.

Moving containers require you to determine which pod size you need. For example, small pods that are seven to eight feet long can hold the cargo of a small studio apartment. Medium ones that are 12 feet long can store the furniture of a one or two-bedroom home.

Once you decide, the movers drop the container at your home some days before the scheduled move and give you some time to load your belongings. Afterward, the company takes it to your new home, where it leaves you with the job of unpacking. The cost for moving containers tends to be around $1,800 for a one or two-bedroom property.

Lastly, truck rentals are the cheapest moving option averaging around $450. Cargo vans and pickup trucks are ideal for small apartments, but a 10 feet box truck is appropriate for a one or two-bedroom move. A bigger household requires a larger truck. You can ask the rental business for some guidance if you have doubts.

Although moving containers and truck rentals are cheaper, the security and safety you get from professional movers are unparalleled. If you can afford it, it’s the best option you can take.

Why Do People Move From Georgia to Florida?

Although the states neighbor each other, Florida offers better job opportunities than Georgia, causing many people to migrate.

A robust tourism industry, including Disney parks and other outdoor activities, fuels the Sunshine State’s economy. Meanwhile, its hospitality industry lays the basis for several lines of work that range from typical essential jobs to specific, specialized ones such as tourism marketing.

What Are the Best Places to Move to in Florida?

Compared to Georgia, Florida offers better job opportunities, a similar cost of living, and cheaper housing. Georgians who move to Florida can move up in their career without having to pay additional expenses. There are plenty of places in the Sunshine State that Georgians marked as their destinations, including:


Miami attracts numerous out-of-state migrants searching for relaxing beaches, vivid nightlife, and award-winning restaurants. Although this state has a higher cost of living, it does have lower taxes. In addition, the vast historical neighborhoods of Miami make it a meaningful place to live in besides the southern beaches and warm climate.

Overall, Miami is an incredibly unique city. It offers excellent economic opportunities and some incredible attractions. Putting it into words is somewhat tricky, but the only way to know whether this city is ideal for you is to experience it.


Orlando’s cost of living is slightly lower than the average Florida cost, so it’s a good choice for people looking for an affordable relocation option.

If you’re moving in with your family, prepare yourself to entertain them in numerous parks such as the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, and the iFLY Orlando Indoor Skydiving. Additionally, some water attractions include the Orlando Watersports Complex and Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. Of course, you can’t forget about the famous places: Disney and Seaworld.

This city is also a center for arts and culture and houses several of the best sports teams in Florida. It comes as no surprise that the real-state industry is booming there, considering it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has 23 miles of hard-packed sand beaches open for everyone. It commonly draws in young professionals as it provides many opportunities to experience varying cultures and meet multiple people. There’s also a strong sense of community that links people of all ages.

This city is the home of Nascar’s Daytona International Speedway. If you’re a fan, moving here might significantly interest you.


Tampa has a perfect balance between work and life. It’s a major business center with many attractions, rich culture, and spectacular museums. The job opportunities continue to grow as migrants come to the city for a variety of options.

Meanwhile, the residents have theme parks, the beach, and numerous restaurants with almost every cuisine available. Considering its incredibly affordable cost of living and many activities, it’s no wonder people continue moving to Tampa.


This city is the most family-friendly place in Florida, with one of the most affordable housing markets. You can enjoy numerous activities with their presence, including zoos, indoor speedways, and botanical gardens. It’s a good place for food lovers as well.


You can think of this city as a year-round playground. Moving here is like taking a vacation trip, only with your home right around the corner. It has substantial employment opportunities, an affordable housing market, and top-notch healthcare.

Port St. Lucie

It’s one of the largest cities in South Florida, and it provides an excellent hometown feeling. This place has an incredibly affordable cost of living and excellent K-12 schools and colleges, making it a good place for families and young professionals to live.


Sarasota is a popular destination for retirees and families. It’s located within an hours’ drive south of Tampa and two hours from Orlando. The city has a thriving and housing market due to its splendid tourism and healthcare industries, and it also has some of the best performing schools in the state.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has a significantly low crime rate and a vast job market. Those, along with the sunny, hot weather, make it ideal for Georgia migrants. This city offers high quality of life with its healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and professional job opportunities. Not to mention, it has many events and festivals that occur throughout the year.

The Bottom Line

Florida offers many benefits for its residents. Some people go there because they can save up a little more thanks to the lack of personal income tax, while others are snowbirds that prefer warmer climates. If there’s one point that many people can agree on, it’s that this southern state is one of the best places to live in the country.

The reasons to move to Florida are nearly endless, and so is each of its cities’ charm. If you’re looking to head there, it might be worthwhile to look into a professional Florida moving service or a Georgian one. Most companies can offer you a free quote if you provide them with enough details during a call, so take advantage of that.

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