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by JonoF

July 1, 2021

best thing about moving to colorado

Are you planning to move from TX to CO? Or thinking of trading the sweltering summers and urban sprawls for mile-high mountains, gorgeous landscapes, and skiing?

First, it’s crucial to consider how life may differ from Texas and the best options for getting to Colorado, considering it’s a long-distance move. Here you can find some tips and other helpful information about moving to Colorado from Texas, including the costs, benefits, and top places to live.

What Are the Benefits of Moving from Texas to Colorado?

Texas has many great things to offer, but Colorado has even more. You can expect a very different landscape compared to the one you’re used to when you arrive.

Some of the things that make Colorado one of the best places to live in the US are its beautiful scenery, friendly community, and numerous activities. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you move from Texas to Colorado:

Invigorating Climate

In Colorado, you can experience the four seasons throughout the year. During spring, the weather is ideal for outdoor hikes as the flowers are blooming, and in the low-humidity summer, you get pleasantly warm days and cool nights.

Autumn offers a plethora of colorful foliage, which encourages you to carve some pumpkins. Meanwhile, winter serves as the perfect time to gear up and hit the freshly packed snow slopes. In Colorado, you get every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during each season.

Outdoor Recreation

The ideal climate of Colorado and its beautiful, diverse landscape makes it the perfect place for an outdoor enthusiast, as there are numerous spaces to explore. As a result, people can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and much more. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the landscape, alongside the weather, sets Colorado as one of the best states in the US.


outdoor activities in Colorado


Growing Economy

Colorado has one of the strongest economies in the US, according to WalletHub, which ranked it as the sixth overall best. The state is also among the top seven for “economic activity” and top nine for “innovation potential.”

Colorado has many entrepreneurial residents who take part in innovative industries, giving it economic strength. Some of these include tourism, agriculture, software development, aerospace, biochemistry, farming, and mining.

Healthy Lifestyle

Thanks to the significantly high outdoor activities, health-focused culture, and great, healthy food options, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the US. It’s the state with the lowest obesity rate, according to the US News 2021 State rankings.

Beer Lovers’ Paradise

Beer enthusiasts may find themselves in paradise. The state houses over 430 established breweries, placing as the top four in the United States’ number of craft beer breweries. You can find everything from remarkable craft beer breweries to some smaller microbreweries. Colorado residents can also take part in some famous festivals, including the popular Great American Beet Festival and the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

Tax-Friendly State

New inhabitants of Colorado can enjoy considerably low taxes compared to the rates of other states. The Centennial State has low property taxes along with a 4.65% flat income tax rate. It has a low sales tax as well. In fact, Colorado charges the third-lowest property tax rate of any state, with a compound average of 0.49% compared to 1.07% nationally.

Is It Cheaper to Live in Texas or Colorado?

Generally, it’s cheaper to live in Texas than Colorado. For instance, the cost of living in Denver is around 12% higher than the country average. Meanwhile, it’s 2% less in Houston and 3% lower in Austin. If you’re on a significantly tight budget, Texas could be the better option.

Some news outlets consider Colorado to be one of the most expensive states to live in, but that fact is mainly based on home prices, which are 34% more costly than the rest of the country. However, there are some cities in which the cost is lower, such as Colorado Springs and Fort Lupton, so if you’re moving to Colorado, you might want to know more about them.

What’s the Cost of Moving From Texas to Colorado?

The average cost of moving from Texas to Colorado is around $3650, but many variables determine the exact price. In particular, the cargo volume and whether you hire packing and loading services can influence it.

Why Does the Moving Price Greatly Vary?

It varies due to the wide range of moving options. This way, people can get the alternative that best fits their budget.

Professional moving companies cost more, but they can handle every step of the process, including loading, unloading, and driving. Using moving containers or freight companies can spare a part of your budget, but they still require you to load and unload the cargo. You best bet it check out U-Haul or some of it’ competitors.

Peak Moving Season

Choosing an adequate time to move can save you some money. The peak moving season is around summer, and it is when the moving prices significantly rise. If possible, you should try to get your move done in the offseason during fall and winter.

During this time, almost every company may offer you a considerably better deal. It’s also important to note that as Colorado is a popular moving destination, you might also find opportunities to share the move with others and get better deals from moving companies.

How to Move from Texas to Colorado

Moving from Texas to Colorado can be challenging, considering the long distance between them. Hiring a professional moving service may be ideal. After all, a full-service Texas or Colorado moving service can make sure that everything goes completely smooth.

All it requires is details regarding the move, such as your schedule, destination, and volume. Once you settle on the details, you can focus on other essential things. The moving company can take care of packing and transporting your belongings. You can check out a moving checklist to know what the process entails.

Apart from that, you can choose the more cost-efficient moving containers. You get a more flexible schedule at the cost of having to load and unload your furniture by yourself. All you need is to determine the adequate pod size.

For example, small moving pods can hold the cargo of a small one-bedroom house. These are between seven and eight feet long.

Medium moving pods can store the furniture of a two-bedroom apartment. These are around 12 feet long. On the other hand, larger ones can accommodate four-bedroom houses and more.

Once you decide, the moving container company leaves the container at your old home for some days for loading. It later picks it up at the scheduled date to move it from Texas to Colorado. The average cost of these services is $2800 for a two or three-bedroom home.

There’s also the option of truck rentals. This option averages around $1,200 for a two or three-bedroom apartment, but the price only takes into account the fuel. It takes a lot more work as well, as you have to load, unload, and drive all the way.

Nonetheless, the distance is significant. If you want to have a stress-free experience, the right choice is to use a moving company. You get incomparable safety and security, and it allows you to focus on other vital aspects.

What Are the Best Places to Move to in Colorado?

Although Texas also experiences frequent economic growth, Colorado provides a new lifestyle and better job opportunities. People often move to Colorado to experience a change in scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities besides other amenities.

The only thing that stops people from immediately moving is that the housing prices in some states are high. Still, if you want to move to Colorado, there are many affordable cities. Here are some of the best places to settle down:


What was once a mining hub is now a laid-back, ambitious, and progressive community. Denver is among the best cities in Colorado, providing a booming music and arts scene, numerous city activities, and over 200 parks for its residents.

In the City and County of Denver, you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine and remain high-spirited throughout the years. Unfortunately, Denver homes prices are currently overvalued, reaching up to $580,000 for a single-family home. Nonetheless, if you can stomach the price, it is more than worth it. Denver has something for everyone.


Boulder is a hub for those who want to enjoy the most pleasing green food scene, and it has been for years with its farm-to-table philosophy. It houses the University of Colorado, so you get strong college vibes all around it. Many activities focused on the young public, such as bars and nightclubs, keep the nightlife of Boulder vibrant.

If you want to experience these college vibes, then this place is for you. You even get to enjoy a thriving economy due to the numerous startups which have settled here.

Castle Rock

It’s the county seat of Douglas County and the most populous town in Colorado. Even now, it is continuing to grow. If you want to see some beautiful views and enjoy a slow-paced life with modern conveniences, this is the place to be. This area isn’t too vast, but its neighborhoods are all great to live in.


This city holds the reputation of being one, if not the most active place in the US. You can find over 100 parks 5,000 acres of recreational, protected space. In Aurora, everyone is always busy doing something outdoors.

Although you may not associate Colorado with arts, Aurora is the Cultural Arts District host. This place holds several events over the year, including numerous festivals and art exhibits. Another striking aspect of Aurora is its restaurant scene which has something for everyone, from enormous burgers to the traditional cuisine of other countries.

It’s also a center for healthcare. Families looking for high-quality medical support usually move to this state. After all, there are several excellent children’s hospitals and the premier Anschutz Medical Campus.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, the county seat of El Paso County, offers similar amenities as Denver but with lower median rent and home costs. The cost of living of this city is manageable for most budgets, making it an excellent state to settle down for young professionals.

This city also has solid economic stimulus thanks to its tourism, tech companies, and the Fort Carson United States Army post. Apart from that, you have the Red Rock Canyon Open Space city park. It consists of parallel ridges and eroded canyons that offer trails with different difficulties popular with hikers and mountain bikers.


Pueblo offers significantly affordable houses. The median house prices, which average $215,000, make getting a property here relatively easy compared to other cities. This administrative center of Pueblo County can keep its residents entertained throughout the year thanks to its numerous bonding events. It also has a fantastic food scene that takes advantage of the locally grown chilis.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the most populous municipality and the county seat of Larimer. It offers an excellent college environment, as there are over eight different ones. This city is great for families and young professionals looking for a community that thrives for higher education.

The mountains offer breathtaking vistas that never stop awing the residents and provide numerous outdoor activities as well. Fort Collins has a great job market that offers comfortable living standards but has higher housing prices. The median home cost is around $450,000.


Vail is the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who love skiing. These people don’t just see it as a tourist destination. They call these snowy slopes home. Consequently, its driving economy is the hospitality industry. Ski instructors, hotel managers, and other experienced individuals can find a new job in this area with ease.

Although this city’s attractions are mainly meant for tourists, they also benefit its residents. They can keep busy over the weekends and every other day by going shopping or to restaurants. In Vail, you can always feel highly spirited energies coming from the continuous visitors.

The Bottom Line

Colorado offers excellent benefits for its residents and new migrants. Some move there because they want a change in scenery, while others go pursuing better job opportunities. Still, if most people can agree on a single point, it is that it’s an incredible place to call home.

The natural beauty of the mountains, progressive policies, splendid economy, and abundance of activities make Colorado significantly stand out. There aren’t many other places in the country capable of offering what the Centennial State can.

If you made up your mind to move from Texas to Colorado and already decided on your destination, it might be a good idea to look into a moving service. Most companies can offer you a free quote when you provide enough details, so compare them and figure out the best option for you.

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