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by JonoF

January 9, 2021

alaska the last frontier

Alaska is known as America’s last frontier and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. Yet, somehow this beautiful location is overlooked more often than not as a location to live in.

If you’re considering moving to Alaska alone, then you’re not alone as somewhere around 40,000 to 50,000 people move to Alaska every year.

Alaska brags the highest migration gross rate in America compared to any other state per year. Here are a few things you should know before you move to Alaska.


night time in anchorage

You Can Get Paid For Moving To Alaska.

Moving to Alaska can alone get you paid through an established program called Permanent Fund Dividend. Alaskan residents receive royalties from the earning of their Permanent Fund’s investment.

However, it may vary in size each year. Generally, it is around $800 – $1,100. They established the permanent fund in 1976; a portion of the state’s revenue is preserved mineral resources to attract and help Alaskans. They can save this additional cash for vacations, retirement, and college. It is one of the primary reasons why people move to Alaska.

Affordable Real Estate And Cost Of Living

Although the cost of living in Alaska may get more precious, regardless of the area you decide to live in, be it a large bustling town or a remote and secluded location, there are many real estate options available for you. In Alaska’s top cities, real estate is single at a median price of $185,000 in Kenai, $239,000 in Wasilla, $222,000 in Fairbanks, and $299,000 in Anchorage.

A Stunningly Beautiful State

It would be tough to find a location or state as beautiful as Alaska. From the Aleutian Islands, which houses a heap of volcanoes and the snow-covered mountain peaks of Denali National Park. You will discover Alaska to be both blissful and overwhelmingly beautiful at the same time. Alaskan residents would get to experience stunning landscapes, wildlife, and phenomenon pretty much whenever they wish.

You Will Find Some Of The Finest Fishing And Hunting Spots Located In Alaska

Suppose your favorite hobby or pastime activity is fishing or hunting. In that case, Alaska is probably the best place to live for you. You would be getting a chance to experience remarkable fishing and hunting opportunities compared to anywhere else in the world. As claimed by the state itself, the hunting opportunities include hare and grouse hunting—also, Mountain goat and brown bear hunting in the Southeast Rainforest Area. Moose and Caribou are populated across the state.

There are many fishing areas for you as well; the famous sea creatures that you will find in the streams and rivers include trout, salmon, halibut, and crab.

Life Is One Massive Adventure In Alaska

Although life in Alaska may appear cold, it would be far from a dull life. With its abundance of wildlife, stunning natural beauty, and countless recreation opportunities, you should expect plenty of excitement and adventure in America’s Last Frontier. Just like moving to Texas, it’s an amazing opportunity, but it’s a totally different experience.

You can expect adventures like dog sledding with huskies, watching in Juneau, catching the Northern Lights, exploring ice caves, cruising the Seward Highway, hiking through Denali National Park, cruising the coastal waters by boat, taking a flightseeing tour of glaciers, whitewater rafting through Alaska’s many rivers. There are limitless possibilities for outdoor activities for you to enjoy in Alaska. So, make sure you take advantage of such opportunities.

There Is No Sales Or Income Tax In Alaska

The state of Alaska, without any shred of doubt, boasts the lowest taxes in the country. Alaskan residents are not required to pay sales tax or income tax. Though the residents would still have to pay for taxes on the property, the savings on sales and income tax are still substantial, while still receiving a sum of cash each year from the Permanent Fund.

So, moving and living in Alaska alone can help in your savings, with the benefits of beautiful and stunning landscapes in reach, far away from pollution or the noise.

Move To Alaska To Live Amongst Natural Wonders

If seeing the Aurora Borealis is on your bucket list, Alaska is where you should behead. As stated by the Smithsonian, The best place to view the northern lights is the inland Alaskan arctic., “where skies tend to be clear.” It can be seen by travelers or by the Alaskan residents generally between late April and September. To increase the chances of seeing it, make sure you head towards the Prudhoe Bay, Barrow in the extreme north.

Enjoy A Ray Of Unfailing Sunshine In The Summer

Residents of Alaska get to enjoy the best summer. On top of the ideal temperature ranges from 80 to 60 degrees fahrenheit while providing remarkably long days filled with sunshine. As stated by, Alaska’s sky is light nearly all night long from late May to late July. With almost 19hrs of daylight in Anchorage, June 21 is known as the longest day in Alaska.

The state fair of Alaska is one of the best in the countryAlaska residents enjoy their world-renowned ” Alaska Fair,” held in Palmer, which was started in 1936. It is described as the “last hurrah” for Alaskan before the end of the summer, according to The fair consists of carnival rides, games, lots of excellent Alaskan food, nightly concerts, and it lasts for nearly two weeks, making it Alaska’s largest annual event.

The Unique And Rich History Of The State

From its early start as a land bridge to Siberia to its official declaration as a U.S state in 1959, Alaska has a dynamic and exciting history. If you decide to live in Alaska, you’ll discover its rich history through the artifacts, national parks, famed oil industries, and museums.


If you have decided positively on moving to Alaska, firstly make sure you have a job lined up before you move. It can get pretty isolated in Alaska; becoming an active member of the community is vital for Alaska to feel at home.



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