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January 22, 2021

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Moving to Nashville

If you are considering moving to Nashville and making it your home, there are a million reasons and things you should know. We will share some facts you need to know about Nashville. Nashville is certainly a great destination for anyone looking for a laid back but dynamic city.

Many Individuals, Couples And Families Are Moving To Nashville

You will find plenty of competition for modest apartments in many areas of Nashville. People are moving to Nashville in droves, which speaks about the quality of life in the city. There is a positive vibe about the growing economy and the lifestyle in general.

When you get your apartment, make sure to insure and protect your apartment through Nashville Renters Insurance. The landlord demands it, and you have no reason to pay out of your pocket for any loss. In Tennessee, you can expect to pay insurance costs of around $15 per month.


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If You Want To Sing Or Are A Musician, You’ll Have Some Competition

When you’re considering moving to Nashville, first you should look at Craigslist for homes and the job market.

If y0u are a musician or singer, it’s great place to get a start, but be prepared for some stiff competition. Nashville is famous for it’s music seen and a great place for young musicians to get their start.

There’s Nothing Like The View From The Cheap Seats

You can get a good night out at a Nashville Sounds game, and most probably you will never know, someone you see play today might get a call up to the Brewers. Nashville also has pro hockey and pro football teams, and none of them are bad. Many locals don’t even know that there is a minor league baseball team.

You’ll Be Driving

While the public transport system is fine, Nashville was designed for the car. It’s pretty easy to get around, and to get to some of the out suburbs and regional areas around the city, you definitely want to consider getting a care if you haven’t already got on. Uber, like most cities in the world, is now you’re number one choice for loca transport to any where you want.

No Matter Where You’re Headed, Don’t Expect Briley Parkway To Be A Shortcut

Opryland has several exits and the extensive shopping and commercialization surrounding it, and you can’t presume to get beyond all of it very quickly. If you are on the wrong side of Exit 12, depending on where you need to go, there is always a quicker way to be there than Briley Parkway. It is also important to note that most of the road is a limited-access highway. However, there are ranges and stop lights. You can plan accordingly before you move.

In General Nashville Has A Robust Job Market

The local job market at Nashville is generally strong, and but growth is projected to continue into the foreseeable future. Regular tourism sector work is available, and plenty of new career paths are open to young people.

Finding a house in Nashville is a more significant challenge than finding a job in the growing market.

The job market scene is pretty good in Nashville.

Nashville Neighborhoods & Suburbs

Nashville has 20 neighborhoods / suburbs. It is not as big as a city like New York. Like all cities, each area has its vibe and character, along with rental pricing. The Nashville population is currently around 700,000. To help you understand what is happening in Nashville’s neighborhoods, they have overlaid a rental hot spot map of the city with communities above to give you a good idea of the most luxurious places in this area. Their website does a marvelous job of describing every community.

Germantown, East End, and the Downtown Area will cost between $1,700 and $2,300 per month for a single bedroom if you don’t mind paying on the higher end.

You will find Melrose, Four Corners, and Whites Bend in the center of the price spectrum, which costs anything from $1,000 to $1,500 per month.

The further you get from Downtown, areas like Salemtown, Glencliff, and Hermitage Hill, are areas where you can get a flat monthly rent of $700 to $900.

If you are on a fixed budget, and prefer to have a low cost of living, look to Berry Hill in the south or The Nations on the west. If pricing is no problem, then might look to Gulch, Midtown, or Downtown.

Commuting to Work

Make sure how you’ll go to work before signing a mortgage or a lease. Nashville is ranked among the thirty-first most congested metropolitan areas out of one hundred in the United States. From a traffic and congestion point of view, it’s like any other city with a population similar. Downtown Nashville is relatively easy to get to move around and from, convenient way to access all three major Interstate systems and the Nashville International Airport.

The most critical traffic bottleneck is near the Interstate 40 eastbound junction at exit 209, where you can access highways 70, 40, and 24. When the roads are congested, 11 mph is the speed you can drive.

Parking in Nashville isn’t as complicated as it is in some other larger cities, you need not search for parking, and most metered points are free after 6 pm. Check out this parking guide for more.

Public Transportation

Nashville MTA operates bus services all over the city. It doesn’t have a subway system and is not serviced by AMTRAK. Nashville MTA’s down town transit station is Music City Central (MCC). It is beside the Municipal Auditorium and is adjoined by 4th and 5th Avenues in the Downtown area.

If you have reasons to travel from Tennessee State University and want to go down town, you could take bus number 29 and get off at 4th Avenue. Overall the public transportation is very good and the most convenient way too.

When you search for Nashville’s transportation system, it has a score of 23, which is okay but not so great. You can travel almost anywhere within the city within an hour. If you don’t desire to have a car or to ride a bike, it is better that you get used to one of the bus service, because you will travel everywhere.

You have the reasons of traveling by car, but a bike will be the best option. Nashville is bike-friendly, and it has even got a program called Free bike-share. Basically moving to Nashville is preferred for its low cost of living.

Why Bike When You Can Walk

Nashville is very hot and cool too and yet it is a great place to live. Downtown Nashville is quite walkable, but other parts of Berry Hill city are not all that walkable. If you plan to walk a lot, you better move to the apartments in Midtown or Downtown. Stay away from the danger when looking for neighborhoods to stay in if you don’t like walking. The greener, the better.

What Else is There to Do

Robert’s Western World has live music, a bar, a grill, and plenty of artifacts to watch. Even kids can be accompanied up to 6 pm and enjoy the live music. Big Bang Dueling Piano bar is available in Nashville, and many more bars are open in a couple of cities with live music.

There’s the Country Music Hall of fame too. If you are captivated by Johnny Cash, you have all the reasons to come and also see the pictures of dresses of Dolly Parton. You can consider Nashville as a city of music and the best place to live.

Nashville Nightlife

Nashville Nightlife is the alternative. The reasons being it is famous for its whiskey and bourbon. You can check at Skull’s Rainbow Room when you’re downtown and looking for high-quality cocktails. If you’re looking for underground places, there is Old Glory, which only a few people know about. It is a secret place and does not have a sign on the door and not even a website.

The Music City Pub Crawl is a famous pub crawl charging just $15 per head. It’s situated at about a two-hour-long guided walking tour along 2nd Avenue in the heart of downtown Nashville. Sambucas 3/4/5 offers the best Happy Hours deal if you want to get drunk without spending much. Night life is great when you are moving to Nashville.

Finding A Safe Neighborhood

Before moving to Nashville you should know that Nashville’s score on the crime index is seven. The best score is a hundred. It’s not a great idea, but you should be aware of places that should be avoided.

If safety is the top priority, then look out for apartments in 12 South or West End, and it will be better if you avoid East Nashville. Tripadvisor’s thread has some vital input on the city’s safe haven from the experience of the people who lived there.

How To Find An Apartment

When you’re moving to Nashville, consider the temperatures. Nashville is very cold though it’s situated in the south. Temperatures can be as low as 27 degrees in January, so you certainly need to search an apartment with a heater. The highest temperatures in July rarely go beyond 90 degrees. Even then, it would help if you looked for a place with an Air Conditioner. Laundromats are hard to find. You can go without a car, but you certainly require a washer/dryer. You should also make room in your budget for utility bills when you’re up for rented places.

Where To Look For Apartments In Nashville

When you’re moving to Nashville, you should check their websites. There are some top websites to locate apartments. You can use the sort function to choose your desired number of bedrooms and budget etc. Surprisingly Craigslist is a useful website for finding apartments. It nowhere means that you can trust Craigslist completely. There is a guide to identify potential scammers.



Apartment list



Tennessee Rental Law

When you are moving to Nashville, these are the basic things you should be aware of, so the landlords cannot hoodwink you.

Tennessee Required Landlord Disclosures under the Tennessee law that the landlords must inform the tenants regarding certain information (lease or rental agreement). It carries the authorized person’s names to act on behalf of the landlord whether the landlord can enter your home to show the place to other prospective renters during the last 30 days of the tenancy.

According to it’s state law, there is no limitation on how much a landlord can demand a security deposit. Of course, it requires that the deposit be returned within 30 days after the tenant moves out but sets other deposit restrictions. The tenants can sue the landlords for the return of the deposit up to $25,000. There are no limitations in eviction suits.


Nashville is more affordable when compared to other cities like Portland, Denver, and Austin to live. With average rents for one and two-bedroom flats costing around $1,170 and $1,350, respectively,

Nashville is a city with reasonable living at a low cost. If traffic is not your problem, you can enjoy music venues, live and local coffee shops, delicious food and a low cost of living, Music City, is the place for you. You have made the best decision of moving to Nashville and you’ll never find a better place in the country.

Nashville is a great place to live, for young people, couples, new people and families. If you find the perfect neighborhood, you be really have you made the move.




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