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by JonoF

January 14, 2021

moving out of state tip - moving truck

In the present scenario, a lot of people are moving out of the states for better education, work opportunities, and for many more reasons. Moving out of state requires more planning and effort than a local move. From planning and packing your belongings, choosing a rental truck, finding a considerable place, to making new friends, every step is time-consuming and requires patience. But here’s the good news, knowing what to do and how to proceed means you have won half the battle.

You have to decide if you’re going to pack everything by yourself or you will hire packing and moving services. Apart from this, you have to check what belongings are worthy of making the journey with you and where do they end up after reaching a new place. It does sound daunting, but everything can go smooth if you plan ahead. We have got you covered, and we will help you get everything organized. Read the full article to know how to manage finances when you move out of state and what small and big things to be considered while moving.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Florida to New York, or moving from California to Texas, or to Alaska these tips will ensure it’s less stressful.

How Do I Prepare To Move Out Of State?

Here are a few useful tips for moving out of state that will help you make the shifting process much more manageable.

  1. Make sure you have secured house and employment before moving new state : While we know it’s not always possible but moving out after you have secured a job will take a massive load off your shoulders. You can ask your friends or family who stay there or apply online on various job sites. There’s nothing to worry about if you couldn’t secure a job in the new state; make sure you have at least 2 or 3 months’ worth of savings to support you in the meantime.  The most important part to consider before moving out of state is where are you going to live? We’re not saying to find your dream house before moving out for long distance; it could be your cousin’s apartment or your friend’s room but make sure you have a place to live for a few weeks till you find yourself a good home.  After you’ve found a temporary place to live in, hire a reputable realtor to show you homes of your preference. Hiring a reputable and right realtor is vital while moving to another state. It’s because they’d be of great help in negotiating the terms and dealing with paperwork and legalities. Now, if you have kids, it’s best to secure a house before leaving the state, better if you select a place nearby schools and parks.
  2. It’s best to visit your new city and state: It could be a little difficult to move to a completely unknown city. We recommend visiting your city at least once before you finally move there. It’s even better if you can visit the place you’re going to live in or the neighborhood at least. You can visit the town’s visitor center and get maps and recommendations.  If not this, you can also find information about your new city through the internet and review sites. If you have school-age children, make searching for schools in your new city a high priority task in your checklist. Are you planning to send your kids to public school? Don’t forget to check which neighborhoods are associated with the schools you are interested in.
  3. Finding a reputable moving and packing service is vital : Moving to a new place is hard without the help of professional movers. We have no doubts about your packing abilities, but there will be many other important things lined up for your attention. If you decide to hire a movers and packers service, make sure it’s a reputable one. Before finalizing a company, run a check on ratings and customer reviews.  You can opt for partial or whole packing services. In partial services, movers pack just the valuable stuff and transport them carefully at the destination. While on the other hand, you can get everything packed by professionals so you won’t have to spend time worrying.  We recommend contacting two or three moving services before selecting one to get the best prices. However, movers see and examine your belongings either in-person or over a video call to give you a quote. So if anyone offers you a deal so good to be true without even looking at your stuff, it should raise the alarm.
  4. Choose a moving date : The hardest part indeed! While choosing a moving date, consider your work schedule, family, weather, and moving company availability. Choosing a moving date also affects your cost of moving company. If you move around the weekends or vacations, the moving services are very high in demand; hence you have to pay higher prices. On the contrary, if you choose weekdays to move, you are more likely to have a less expensive move to another state.
  5. Prepare to ship your car while moving out of state : If you’re moving across the country, you have to plan to ship your car before moving out. Deciding the schedule and the car moving budget are two vital steps. The best practice is to schedule the transport in such a way that you arrive at the new place before the car does. Transportation can take about 1 to 2 weeks for long distance, so it’s best to plan accordingly.
  6. Make essentials of emergency box : Transportation can take time. Hence it would help if you prepared an emergency box, in case it takes longer than usual. You can pack your meds, important documents like passport, birth certificate, tax documents, etc., and this way, you can have your important documents sorted in one place.
  7. Cancel or transfer all your subscriptions and memberships : To save you from paying for services you no longer use, we recommend you to cancel your gym memberships, supermarket or grocery subscriptions, community club memberships, etc. If the city you’re moving to has related locations in the area, you can also transfer your membership there.
  8. Make sure to notify schools to transfer records : If you are moving with children, you have to notify their school about the move. This helps a lot when you go to enroll your kids in their new school. Make sure you have necessary documents like medical records, recommendation letters, etc.

Now that you know what steps to take before moving out, let’s see how to manage finances.

How Much Money Should You Have Saved Before You Move Out?

As we said earlier, there’s no universal rule for how much you have to save, but it’s best to keep three months’ worth of funds aside to get you going.

Despite having everything planned, you still have to spend some cash on relocation. To make a move affordably, you have to plan your budget carefully. Start with setting a budget and money limit but don’t get shocked if you end up spending more.

That’s why it’s best to start saving for a long time before you decide to move. In simple terms, you have to save enough to meet your relocation expenses, security deposit, down payment for the home, food, traveling, furniture, professional movers, and shipment costs.

Follow These Tips To Manage Your Finances Before You Move

  1. Choose your bank before you go – It’s vital to research the banking policies before selecting a bank. Banking rules are different for every bank; hence service and regulations will be different from what you’re used to. It would be best to emphasize the bank’s international clearing networks and whether they issue credit cards with the MasterCard or Visa brands. Check whether the bank deposits are guaranteed and consider the government’s stability if the government guarantees them. If any private organization is a guarantor, find out about the reputation of the organization. Once you’re assured of the bank’s network, look at the interest rates, ATM access, mobile banking, and fees. If you’re planning on buying a home there, check if the concerned bank provides personal or mortgage loans. After all, this starts the application process for the selected bank account.
  2. Save receipts to save money – Even though you cannot write off your relocation expenses as part of your tax return, it’s best to keep the receipts. They will help a lot when you calculate how much you have spent on relocation. If you’re moving out for professional reasons, you can hand those receipts to the employer, and they might reimburse you partially for the whole expenses.
  3. Save your tax refund – If you have planned to move out of state next year, it will help to save the tax refund, and you can pay for your relocation expenses without making drastic changes to your usual budget.
  4. Sell Unwanted Items – Getting rid of some excess clutter can help you make some money for relocation. You can have a yard sale or post the items online for sale. Also, moving fewer items with you will cut back on moving costs. Moving out of state is a big decision; hence you should carefully consider it before doing so. While moving out could be quite daunting, it can bring new and better changes in your life. If you’re having second thoughts, let’s see the pros of moving out of the state.

Is Moving Out Of State A Good Idea?

  • You can have a fresh start – Moving to another state allows you to change what you don’t like in your life. You can find a new home and a new job to build the comfortable and happy life you always wanted. Moving out of the state means you will live in a new area and new surroundings, bringing a positive aspect to your life. The change of monotonous routine can boost your productivity.
  • You get new career opportunities – Moving to another state opens a new world of career opportunities for you. You may get something completely new and exciting that you’ve never considered before. Even if you haven’t relocated for professional reasons, explore new fields and interests before settling for something.
  • You get in a larger social circle – After moving to a new place, you get to meet new people, new colleagues, professional groups, local organizations, etc. It’s best to step out and meet new people as this will ease the burden of living in a completely unfamiliar place.
  • It helps in personal growth – Living with new people and a different environment will broaden your limits and hike your self-confidence. Getting out of a comfort zone always makes great changes in our personality. We know we don’t have the safe side of our family and friends in a new place, so we take every step rationally and bravely. This opportunity carves us as stronger, self-dependent, and responsible. You will get involved with a different culture in your new place, and it will enhance your knowledge and understanding of people. This will make you more patient, humble, and open-minded. Moving out gives you a fresh perspective about your life and yourself.  There are many benefits of moving out of state, but not to mention it does come with a few difficulties. We all know leaving your place is an emotionally draining process. You might have to deal with stress in the starting phase.

Difficulties While Moving Out Of State

  • You’re going to miss your family and friends – Going away from your loved ones is the hardest part of moving out. Of course, you can always get in touch with your family and friends through a video call and phone call, but it won’t be the same. Though you’ll make new friends in the area, in a way, you’ll miss your old buddies and loved ones.
  • Moving out can be expensive – Even if you try to cut on costs but moving out is a costly endeavor. Moving costs depend on the distance to your new home and the weight of your shipment. So the further you’re moving your belongings, the more you have to pay. However, you can reduce moving costs by hiring reputable and affordable movers. Apart from this, you have to pay shipping charges for your car and plane tickets for you and your family. After reaching your new town, you have to incur a few more expenses on down payment for a new house or security deposit for rented one and many new things for your new home by moving of state.
  • You may have to deal with a lot of stress – Moving out is an emotional as well as the mental-draining process. Each step will require efficient planning. From sorting out what to take with you, finalize professional movers, set up a moving budget, dealing with a ton of paperwork, finding a new home to settle in the new environment finally, your brain will be engaged in so many tasks simultaneously.  After you have to your new location, there are many post-relocations tasks to take care of. These include changing your address on the documents, taking a new driver’s license, enrolling your kids to a new school, setting up bank accounts, updating policies, and the most important thing – finding new employment. All these activities are draining, stressful, and time-consuming and require a lot of patience.
  • You have to adjust to the new environment – This one is quite obvious, and maybe that’s why many people move out of their state – to get new surroundings and a different perspective about life. But not to mention you may feel quite uncomfortable in the new environment for a few starting days. You will know nothing about your neighborhood and surroundings, and your new place may not feel like before. You’ll have to find a new doctor, a new gym, a new salon, and new friends. All in all, moving out will bring a lot of new changes to your life, but you will eventually figure out everything.

Our Final Thoughts

Moving out can be a stressful task but not with the proper knowledge to know what to do next. You can follow the checklist mentioned above to carry out the task more efficiently. Also, we know how hard it can become to manage your finances in a new state. That’s why we have discussed a few tips to manage your funds before and after moving out. We hope now you can get to your new place without a fuss.

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